Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rome 2

We all decided to take a nap for sometime. But I couldn’t sleep, so I tried to cook some rice,(I had my small rice cooker with me;)) because already I started craving for rice. So by the time the guys were up, I had steaming rice and ready made curries (by MTR) ready. We all ate our lunch, though it was almost 4 pm .Then we decided to find a restaurant or shop that could come useful during our stay there. We found a supermarket within two blocks. I wanted to buy jam, but had no way of telling them what I wanted. The names all looked soo unfamiliar. Ended up buying a lots of Clementine oranges. They were the best I ever had. Very soft skin, very sweet and very veryyyyyyy fresh .Then we took off to walk around the Colosseum. The building is so huge, my son says-IT IS HUMONGOUS!! .I thought I could hear lions roaring!! It was scary to think what could have happened inside those very walls all those years back!! Just to walk around the whole structure could take hours I felt. We decided to walk around the city. We saw people dressed as Roman soldiers. Then I saw a mummy figure standing. I stood right in front of it and took pictures. Then I saw another one, this time I saw the eyes moving. Then only I knew it was a person dressed like a mummy. Okayyyyyy!! We walked through the city till it was getting dark. Then we started walking back to our hotel. The Colosseum was bathed in a light blue color. It was an awesome sight.
We also started feeling hungry; no restaurants were open at that time. But then we saw a pizza place very close to our hotel. We all had pizza. It was nothing like I tasted here in US. It was actually very tasty .We found that there was a Malayali working in that place as a cook, he came out and talked to us. I have heard the saying that, “if you go to moon you can find a Malayali with a tea shop there”. May be its true after all! After our dinner we came back and slept very well. We had to get up early the next day for a whole city walking tour.


Reena said...

“if you go to moon you can find a Malayali with a tea shop there”.

:)):)) i was laughing like crazy reading this.

i have heard this too. next to the malayali there will be a punjabi with a dhaba.:))

meera said...

hehe,i didnt hear about the punjabi joke till now:)