Saturday, April 14, 2007


We decided to go for a walk down in the small town.we got a ride in the hotel’s van, it’s like an antique piece
We kept on walking through the streets and alleys. There was nothing much to see. Of course there were lots of orange trees and lemon trees. It was just awsmeeee. We decided to go back to our hotel as we were tired.(more like, I was tired). We found that we forgot to take the hotel’s phone number with us!! The hotel was no where nearby!. We planned to call the hotel and they were supposed to come and pick us up.

Anyway we started to walk back to our hotel. It was a looong way. The climate was very pleasant though. We reached a place where there was a small water fall and beneath that there was a statue of mother Mary. We took a small break there to drink water.. At that time a dog came out from behind the water fall. It came towards us. Then it circled around us a couple of times!. I was a bit scared; it seemed like s street dog. Anyway we continued our walking and this dog came with us!. It will go ahead of us, wait for us to come near to him and then he will start running again. It was very interesting. The road was becoming kind of dangerous. There were no walkways and there were sharp turnings on the road too. So we had to run at some points to reach the other side safely before a vehicle came. But this dog did not stop following us! It was like this dog was making sure the road is safe for usSometimes it will stop and make circles again around us and then run. After almost an hour we saw the van from hotel coming down the way. They saw us. I think they were going to town to pick someone. After a while the van came back and stopped for us. At that time this dog went and stood on a small step away from the road and was looking at us! it stood there till we left. I turned back and looked, it was still there! I was thinking the poor thing had to walk all the way back to where he came from! It was a touching experience for me. I can never forget that dog; it was as if he went ahead to make sure the road was safe for us! I call him our Guardian Angel

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