Friday, April 13, 2007

ROME 4 contd....

We also visited sty Paul cathedral. The importance of this Cathedral is, it is also the Cathedral of Pope. Pope is also the bishop of Rome. According to our guide, before taking charge as the Pope, whoever is going to be the Pope, he first goes to this Cathedral.
There is a huge brass door in front of that. It belonged to Caesar. The door is really huge. And has a lot of beautiful art works on it. Inside the church almost every where you look, all you can see is made of gold. Real 24 ct gold. It was amazing, so much wealth in one place. But then almost all churches in Italy I guess are like that. We also saw the chair where the Pope sits in this church.

Opposite to that is a small church. May be the only church we saw in our trip that wasn’t heavily decorated .The guide told us inside the church there is a set of steps. Jesus supposed to have walked on these same steps. We went inside. People were going up the steps on their knees. I touched it. The history behind that went through my mind. We took a couple of picture of me standing nearby that. But to our surprise none of the pictures has me in it!! Now don’t call me a ghostCouldn’t stay there for long as we had to head over to Catacomb. I mentioned about that in the earlier post.

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